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Research Papers Referencing OpenRAVE

Projects using OpenRAVE

  • OpenGRASP - OpenGRASP is an open source simulation toolkit for grasping and dexterous manipulation. It supports the creation and addition of new functionality and the integration of existing and widely used technologies and standards.


  • Modular Robots - OpenMR is an OpenRave Modular Robots plug-in for simulating the locomotion of modular robots.


  • Constrained Manipulation Planning Suite (CoMPS) - by Dmitry Berenson. The algorithms in CoMPS allow robots to perform motion with a variety of simultaneous constraints including constraints on balance, closed-chain kinematics, and task-space constraints defined as Task Space Region (TSRs) and TSR Chains. Contains:
    • The Constrained Bi-directional RRT (CBiRRT)
    • An iterative IK solver
    • A set of useful openrave functions for manipulation.


  • Mobile Manipulation with DLR robot Justin - Project headed by Franziska Zacharias to model and analyze the reachability spaces of robot arms and use these knowledge representations in planning manipulation tasks.

DLRJustin Zacharias.png