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Working with the QtCoin GUI

The GUI is very simple, but it still allows you to interactive move the camera and objects. The first thing to note is that there are two modes of control: camera control and object control. Press ESC to toggle between the two. Selecting an object makes it transparent and renders 3 arrows to represent the transformation of the object (red, green, and blue correspond to +X, +Y, and +Z axes respectively, the origin is the point where all axes meet).

Selection axes.png

Camera Mode

  • Left mouse button - hold to rotate
  • Middle mouse button - pan camera
  • Left+Middle mouse buttons, or scroller - zoom camera
  • Press s and click on any part of the scene to zoom in on it. The camera now centers on that object when rotating.

Object Interaction Mode

  • Left mouse button - Select object. A green wire-frame of a box will pop up. The object can then be moved around a 2D plane using the left mouse button. If the edges of the box are clicked on, the box will rotate instead of translate.

Gui movingobject.jpg

  • Ctrl+Left mouse button (Command+Left mouse button on OS X) - Use to select joints of an object. A green thin cylinder will pop up, click on it to move the joint. Use Ctrl+click (Command+click on OS X) to drag the cylinder in order to make it bigger or smaller. When a joint is selected the effected link will change color.

Gui movingjoints.jpg